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Week 15 9th - 13th January 2017

In English this week, the children have been busy learning about the children of WW2 who were evacuated from the major cities in England to live in the country side with their new volunteer families. They have been researching the reason why and how the children possibly felt as they left home for the first time. The children have been writing some of their own Newspaper reports about the evacuated children.


In 'Maths week' this week, the whole school have been challenged to link our current topics and our learning with a full week of Statistics and Data handling.

The children in year 2 were focusing their learning on the weekly ration allowance of a child living in England during WW2. They collected their own data, recorded them on Tally Charts and then transferred them on a Block Graphs. Finally they analysed their data and answered questions about their results. The children presented their graphs in assembly to the rest of the school.


In DT this week the children baked Carrot Cookies from the weekly rationed allowance of a child living in WW2. (Pictures to follow)


Please remember to bring in your PE kits in this week and to continue learning your times tables please.


Hope you have a lovely weekend.


Mr Grabianski