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W/C 9th October 2017

What a busy week we had! In English we finished off a term of exciting Aladdin activities by finding out the end of the story and practicing writing dialogue between Aladdin and other characters. We created storyboards for parts of the story, then chose our favourite pictures to create a still image.  In maths we had fun with calendars, converting days weeks months and years, and investigating how leap years change the calendar. We also had great fun doing the maths whiz, well done to everyone who took part and of course to our winner. In PSHCE we have been considering respect and why it is an important quality. Of course we have also had great fun creating our Aladdin song, which went to the tune of 'A whole new world.'. Ours, of course, was all about all the things we enjoy learning at school and was called 'A whole new day.'.

Having fun singing and dancing to our song!

Having fun singing and dancing to our song! 1