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W/C 9th January

This week has been maths week and we have been focusing on our maths skills in many of our lessons, with a whole school theme of data. This has tied in brilliantly with our topic, as we have found out all about the Domesday book, and how King William sent people across England to collect information about his subjects. Inspired by this, we collected our own data about school, how many children there are in each class, how many animals there are, and how many different types of staff. Firstly we used this to make our own table of data, then we used our table to create a bar chart. We even asked each other questions about the information in our charts, which helped us to practice interpreting data, and helped us to see how our charts could be improved.


In Science we were also collecting data, by listening to sounds outside and recording the number of different sounds we heard. This information will help us to focus on how sound is made next week. 


Our English theme continues to be explanation texts, and we have spent time looking at different examples and practicing the skills we need to write our own.  We also did a very interesting mystery box write with an old gymnast toy. We have also been focusing on conjunctions and regular verbs, which we have been adding into our writing at every opportunity.


Our topic has been focusing on the Normans this week, which has been very interesting - what a sneaky lot they were, trying to pinch the crown off each other!


Of course, we had our first week of swimming this week, which gave staff a chance to assess ability. Don't forget to bring swimming kit next week!