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W/C 9th January 2017

This week Year 6 have started their preparations for SATs. The children will complete a set of papers each week and unpick their understanding of how to answer specific questions.


Our focus has been around Reading, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. In Maths we have then looked at Arithmetic and Reasoning. The children have covered all of the primary curriculum at this stage of their education and it is now all about how to consolidate and apply this knowledge.


In Science this week the class started to look at Living Things and their Habitats. Our initial focus has been around Linnaeus and the classification system he created for all living things. We also looked at how classification routes are created and the way in which living things obtain their scientific names.


This week the class was also lucky enough to have members of the Local Civil Service come to visit. They discussed with the class the importance of jobs and working when they are older, completing a 'Why We Go To Work' Workshop. The children thoroughly enjoyed this and the visitors were very impressed.


Remember on Monday we visit @Bristol. Have a great weekend.


Mr Bailey