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w/c 7th November

We have spent lots of time this week practising multiplication, using partitioning. It's tough, but we have got the hang of it. We've also started looking at how estimating can help us with our arithmetic.  In English we have researched, planned and written interesting pocket guide entries about famous landmarks - everything from Parliament to Loch Ness! We have also been using the present perfect tense and looking at how it is different from the past tense. In Science we have been sorting living things into groups we have chosen, ready to look more closely at scientific recording and habitat. We have been looking at the symbolism of Christmas in R.E and thinking about what represents us as individuals. We have also been writing about how the world looks from up in the air as part of our work on Britain from the air. We have had some additional learning this week, practicing our singing for our Christmas production, and a visit from a Great War soldier. He told us all about life in the trenches, and helped us to understand what a terrible global conflict it was. This helped us to understand more about our visit to the War Memorial on Friday, and we later spent some time writing moving letters of thanks to soldiers who died during the Great War.

Great war learning