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w/c 31st October

We have had an exciting week, what with disco dancing and fireworks! We have still managed to get lots done despite all the excitement!

In English we have been looking at travel guides and thinking about the sorts of features they have. We have researched different landmarks and are creating notes about them. We have also started learning about the present perfect tense, and had a really interesting vase for our Mystery box this week.  In Maths we have been practicing 100 and 1000 more or less than a number, and learning about multiples of 6. In Science we created a beautiful giant food web (using ourselves!) which got very complicated and allowed us to model what happens when a species loses its food source. We discovered that the more complicated a food web is, the better it is for the animals that are part of it. We have watched a bit of 'Earthflight' to understand the term 'birds eye view', and we will be using this knowledge more next week. We have also looked at the work of famous sculptors, such as Sir Antony Gormley (such as the Angel of the North) and Andy Goldsworthy, who makes amazing art from natural objects. Based on this we have started to create mood boards for our own landmark sculptures. 

We have also realised that it is getting much colder, and it is important to wear a proper coat when we are outside!