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W/C 27th March 2017

This week we have been getting to grips with time. We have been looking at 12 hour and twenty four hour clocks, and practicing our time telling skills. Any practice we can get at home would be very helpful! In English we have been improving our use of apostrophes, and improving our editing skills. We have started looking at reports, and are getting ready to write some excellent reports this week. We also had a brilliant mystery box item, a red nose, which gave us some great ideas for writing recipes and instructions as well as great stories and diaries. In Science we have been using thermometers to read temperature and think about heating and cooling various materials.

In topic this week we have been researching and writing booklets and leaflets about Roman life. We have discovered all sorts of interesting things about what Romans ate and did in their spare time. We have also focused more on Christian ideas about forgiveness, and thought about what we could and couldn't forgive. This has also tied in with our reading book, as Tracy Beaker often seems to need forgiveness!