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W/C 27th February 2017

This week we have been busy exploring all types of fractions in Maths. We also did some interesting challenge questions to get our brains really ticking over! In English, we have been looking at a variety of persuasive writing, to help us to draft our own persuasive letters from the Celts to Julius Caesar, begging him not to invade. To help we have spent lots of time in topic, working out what it was the Romans needed from Britain when they invaded, and what sort of battles they fought. We had some very feisty letters! We have also been looking at how we add the prefixes dis and mis to words to change their meanings.

In science we have been experimenting with pitch, and looking at how different instruments make sounds. We discovered that sounds get higher and lower due to how far the vibrations carry. It was rather a noisy lesson!

We have also been looking at difference and why it is good for everybody to be different to each other. This has enhanced our work on forgiveness in R.E.

We all had fun on Thursday for World Book Day, with lots of exciting books and costumes to discuss. We really enjoyed working with children from other year groups to discuss the books we had been reading.