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W/C 24th April 2017

This week started with a visit from the Wiltshire and Dorset Fire Safety Team! We learnt about how to keep safe in our homes, including which items and situations are most hazardous, and how to avoid them. We even got to try on a fire safety helmet (which we enjoyed, even though we're in Y6!) 


Also this week, we looked at the different components of blood and their function - Miss Weston made a 'blood' smoothie as an example. 

Here are what all the 'blood' components were. 

White blood cells - mini white marshmallows. 

Red blood cells - raspberries

Platelets - sugar strands (or hundreds and thousands) 

Plasma - Pineapple blood. 

This represented what the components are like under a microscope - separate with different functions. Then, it was blended to create the 'blood' we can see.


Maybe you can try it at home?