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W/C 23rd January

This week we have been focusing on division in Maths, to consolidate our knowledge. In English we have been reading Greek myths, and had great fun storytelling in a darkened room to replicate the way myths would have been shared in Ancient Greece. I got us thinking about the importance of making stories gripping and interesting, and sometimes funny to keep readers or listeners interested.


In Science we have been looking more at the way sound is transmitted by vibrations, and how our ears work. We have also been working hard in topic, this week we have thought about the War of the Roses and how it turned England upside down, and about Henry VIII and his quest for an heir. We also had time to think about what was important to us, and what sort of person we would like to be. We reflected more on this at the end of the week for Holocaust Memorial Day, thinking about the experiences of people who had to flee their homes to find a safe place to live. I was humbled by the wonderful responses the children gave.