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W/C 20th February 2017

This week we have been focusing on persuasive letter writing. We have been looking at a variety of samples of letters and working out what makes a good persuasive letter. We also had a very unusual mystery box item, which was a large painted egg - possibly and ostrich or emu egg. This gave rise to some very exotic stories and poems.

In maths we have been looking at fractions and decimals particularly dividing by 10 or 100 to get a decimal number. This has been very tricky for some, so the more practice we can get the better!

In Science we have been discovering how changing vibrations cause a sound, which included making string telephones, and guessing where in the playground Mrs Bishop was ringing a bell. It has been very noisy, and very educational.

In RE we have also started looking at Christianity, and thinking about the Christian concept of forgiveness. We have been discussing what we would be able to forgive.

In topic, we have considered what we know about the Romans. We have been very fortunate to be able to borrow some Roman objects from Chiseldon Museum, which were found in the village. We spent some time sketching them and deciding what the objects may have been used for. Many people were very surprised to find out that Romans had central heating - I suspect they needed it here!