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W/C 20th February 2017


This week has been a very exciting week in Year 3 as an alien has been in contact and needs our help. Zinnia wants us to investigate plants and what they need to grow strong and healthy. 

First, we researched the five requirements plants need to grow strong and healthy, we used this to develop an investigation. But Zinnia asked us to limit a requirement to see if it was important to the growth. So we had to plan and develop ideas for the limitations. Over the next couple of weeks we will keep measuring and monitoring the plants and their growth.


In English this week we have been focusing on descriptive writing. We listened to a video and had to develop ideas about what we thought was happening, we used our senses to create a clear picture. There were some brilliant thoughts and ideas relating to the video and our senses. But after watching it we were very surprised what the video was actually about. This gave us a good starting point for our descriptive writing. You can see our ideas below!





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