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W/C 19th September 2016

This week Year 6 have been looking at Newspaper Articles in English and Fractions in Maths.


In English we started the week studying the features of a Newspaper Article and then studied in more depth the different types of Headlines and the difference between Facts/Opinions.


In Maths we have moved our focus on to Fractions. We have had a recap on how to add and subtract fractions with the same and differing denominators. Next we will move onto adding and subtracting Improper and Mixed Numbers.


During Topic sessions this week we looked at healthy foods and the reasons why they are good for us and their importance and we created some of our own healthy eating plates. In RE our focus this term is Islam, we discussed 'what would be the best way to show commitment to a God?'


See our pictures from the week below, along with the Big Maths Problem Solving Challenge. Have a great weekend.


Mr Bailey