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W/C 16th January

This week we have spent lots of time improving our division skills, and our multiplication skills. We are starting to realise that we need to be really good at our tables to make division easy! 


We have been using our writing skills to create an explanation text about William the conqueror, and as part of our preparation, presented the story to the rest of the class in groups. We have also been improving our dictionary use, and learning to be more patient when finding words. We need to keep practicing!


In Science we have been learning about sound vibrations, and discovered that using a tuning fork in water can show us how sound vibrations move.


We have also been busy with our topic work, and have made shields for 3 of the Norman kings. We discovered through research, that King John was scuppered by King Richard fighting the crusades, and how he pressured his barons and people for more money, leading to the Magna Carta. 

We also had a chance to learn about Kosher food this week, and thought about how difficult it must be for Jewish people to keep Kosher rules.

Presenting the battle of Hastings