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W/C 13th March 2017

Well, what a scientific week we have had! We have been exploring the properties of materials, and have been working out how to tell the difference between solids and liquids. We have also performed experiments to see how soap affects the surface tension of water, and have been involved in the BBC's 'Terrific Scientific' water investigation. This involved looking at the speed of freezing for hot and cold water, and determining the hardness of our water. When we completed this experiment we were able to send our results to the BBC and the University of Southampton, to be included in a nationwide study. We were very proud to have taken part in this. You can see our conclusions on the BBC 'Terrific Scientific' data map of the UK. 


We were also lucky enough to have two visitors this week, Mr Gregory from Ridgeway School came to show us how to make rockets and launch them using air power, and Mrs Mumford came to talk to us about how she uses materials in her job as a civil engineer. Some of the materials were very heavy! We have also been finding out about great scientists of the past, and have been inspired by their amazing (and often lucky) achievements. This has of course, enabled us to practice our scientific vocabulary and writing skills, and to improve our skills in creating tables, measuring and estimating.


We are also celebrating this week as many of our class had their poems included in a book of Poetry. Well done all of you!


Don't forget next week is Shakespeare week. Our text is going to be 'The Tempest.'.