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WB 5th June 2017

We have had a great first week back at school! We have got into full swing of learning our cursive handwriting and everybody has taken to it so well and is using it consistently throughout their writing which is so amazing. I can't believe how incredible everyone's handwriting now looks!


As we started our new topic, Miss Smith let us create our own role play area. We stuck boxes together and had to paint it so it turned into a pirate ship! We were very pleased with our work and have had so much fun becoming Pirates and sharks in it.


We have also been looking at different seaside holidays and what they use to be like in the Victorian Days. We couldn't believe the funny swimming costumes they wore and that women had to get changed in a hut that was taken into the water by horses so no one would see them in their costumes. At least they got to eat ice cream like us!


We have all been given parts for our assembly. The children chose if they wanted a speaking part or not and they have also chosen what they would like to wear. A letter will go out soon to let parents know.


I hope you have a lovely weekend!


Miss Smith