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WB 4th January 2018

It sounds like everyone had a great Christmas and we have come back to school feeling refreshed and ready to learn which is fantastic to see.


In maths we have looked at mathematical statements and how 4 x 4 =16 you could then use the inverse to check that this was correct by doing 16 divided by 4 = 4. This is something we struggled with a little bit as we kept forgetting that the bigger number goes at the front when dividing.


In English we completed an independent write based around the book 'The Flood.' We had to choose a natural disaster to write about and include suitable Boomtastics and Fantastics within our writing. Some of them were fantastic to read but a lot of people forgot the simple bits such as capital letters and full stops.


We have a busy week ahead of us next week which includes ice skating and rugby!


Have a nice weekend,

Miss Smith :)