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WB 30th October 2017

What a great start to our first week back. Everyone has come back in with a fantastic 'can do' attitude and it was lovely to hear all about your half terms.


In maths we have been looking at multiples of 100 and 50. At first we were all worried as they seemed to be such big numbers, but once we realised how easy it was, we zoomed through it!


In English we have started looking at how to write an explanation text. We looked at a short film called Mr Hublot. Mr Hublot found and kept a pet robotic dog. Our class explanation text is about how the irobot dog works. We have been looking at cause and effect language as well as questioning.


Our topic is Transport this term so we have designed and labelled our own mode of transport. Miss Smith hope everyone is collecting junk at home so that we can make these weird and wonderful vehicles in a few weeks time.


Have a lovely weekend and be safe around fireworks!


Miss Smith :)