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WB 30th January 2017

We have been super stars at our maths this week in FS2. We have concentrated on looking at different 2D shapes. We knew lots from squares to hexagons! Miss Smith couldn't believe how much we already knew! We used different shapes to decorate a picture, we used shapes to build different lands and castles, we even had to use our phonics skills to label our own 2D shapes.


On Wednesday we learnt all about Chinese New Year. We found out that this year was named after the Rooster and why the years in China are named after animals. We had to write about who our favourite animal was and we got the chance to try and build a raft using the bricks like the animals built to get across the river. In the afternoon we got to look at and try some noodles and prawn crackers. Miss Smith showed us what chop sticks were. Although, Miss Smith isn't very good at using them, so Ibuki came to the rescue to show the rest of the class how they were used! The noodles were delicious and we wanted more!


On Friday, Miss Smith thought the storm was going to hit so we had to complete a hunt in and around school. We have to match the pictures up with the correct answers. Well done to Esther who got 11/11!! 


We have been doing lots of role play this week. We had a discussion about whether doctors had to be just men and whether nurses had to be just women. It was a very interesting conversation! We have also been doing lots of practise with our handwriting! If you have any spare time at home and want to practise your writing that would be fantastic! You can even bring it in to show me if you want!


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and don't get swept away by the storm!


Miss Smith :)