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W/b 28th January 2018

For topic this week we continued looking at 'Is graffiti art?' and looked at some on line discussions surrounding this debate.  We also wrote a letter to Banksy asking him to come to our school to deliver a lesson and/or paint an area within the school.  There were some very persuasive arguments delivered.


Our discussion text for English is nearly at its culmination and we will be writing a text linked to out topic.  Mats we continued with percentages and decimals -  we should all have a clear understanding of how these are linked, plus we can work out 10% of any number (hopefully).


British Values is now Tolerance and we have read a picture book called 'The matchbox diary' which is based on a true story about a young Italian boy who moved to America in the 1920's, the struggle of not knowing the language to the intolerance of the new people he met and the hardship of working long hours just to live.