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WB 27th March 2017

We have had another great week in FS2! This week we have been focusing on building our own animals out of different materials.


On Monday we use milk bottles to create elephants. The handle was the trunk and we used cheerios to create the eyes. We then painted them to make them look like Elma.


On Tuesday we used different pieces of junk to create an animal that we saw at Cotswold Wildlife park. We had everything from giraffes to spiders to penguins! There were some great animals created!


During Forest Friday we had to work with our partners to find a piece of string and then thread cheerios onto it. We had to figure out who would have the most cheerios and why and estimated how many we could fit on. We then hung them in the trees to create bird feeders.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Miss Smith :)