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WB 24th April 2017

We have had a fantastic first week back! I can't believe how incredible everyone's attitude to learning is! We have had some amazing child initiated work produced!


This week, one of our targets has been how to double numbers. We look at what happened to a number if we doubled it. An alien showed us a special doubling machine and how it worked making the number bigger. We have then used this in our choosing time to earn challenge points!


We have also been asking questions about space that we would like to find out! We asked great questions such as why is there no gravity in space? Why are rockets made of metal and why does it take 8 minutes for the sunlight to reach Earth? We are looking forward to finding out the answers.


We had the ZOOpla DOOpla guys in this week to teach us how to stay safe on the roads. We learnt about pelican and zebra crossings and that we had to stop, look, listen and think before crossing the road! Harvey and Scarlett even got to take part!


Have a lovely bank holiday weekend and I will see you on Tuesday!


Miss Smith :)