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WB 23rd January 2017

We have had such a super week in FS2 this week! We have done a lot of learning and are all very sleepy (including Miss Smith, Mrs Mingay and Mrs Faulkner). 


In Maths this week we have looked at ordering things in height and also using every day language to talk about time. Ordering and comparing height was something we all found very easy and Miss Smith was so impressed with our knowledge. We also talked about when we do certain things. Eat breakfast in the morning, have lunch in the afternoon and go to bed in the evening.


On Wednesday we looked at how we feel when we loose a loved one. We talked about how it made us feel. We came up with some brilliant answers that we then wrote down. We have also completed a lot of handwriting practice. We need to make sure we are forming our letters correctly when writing! If you have time, this will be great to practice at home!


On Friday it was Holocaust Memorial Day. Miss Smith let the blonde children go and choose whilst everyone else had to sit in silence on the carpet. We then discussed that a bad man called Hitler separated people. Some people were put in camps and were never allowed to play whilst others were allowed to do whatever they wanted.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing on Monday!


Miss Smith :)