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WB 22nd January 2018

We have had another fantastically busy week in Year 3. It's getting difficult to fit everything in!


In maths this week, we have been looking at fractions. We have looked at equivalent fractions and how to work out if there is an equivalent fractions. We have also look at how to place fractions on a number line.


In English, we have continued with our sentence stacking. It won't be long till we have finished and we get write our own version! My favourite sentence this week cam from Andrew. 'The wolf was ten times more angry than livid and was even more furious than a bull.'


We focused on topic this week, which is China. We looked into what the Shang Dynasty was and the kinds of things they would do during this period. We also looked into the oracle bones and why they were so important then and even now. We create our own oracle bone and wrote a wish on them in Chinese and hoped they would come true.


We continued with rugby on Wednesday but we had to train in the hall as the wind almost blew us all away! In ice skating we learnt to skate round objects and Marley managed to skate independently without a penguin! We were all so proud of him. 


Have an amazing weekend.


Miss Smith :)