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WB 20th February 2017

We have had a great first week back in FS2. Our new topic is 'Into the Jungle.' When we got into class a huge Jungle had grown in our role play area and we had a straw hut as our book corner. We have done lots of exploring!


On the first day back, we looked at how do ask a question. We decided we would asked lots of questions about what we wanted to find out about the Jungle. We asked questions such as Why do Lions roar? and how do they trees grow?


We also looked at why we are special and had to talk about if people were your friends how you knew and if you had to be friends with everyone. We had an interesting discussion about being kind to people that you didn't want to be friends with and also finding out new things about new people. It was great to see this happening and children have come away from this and have started playing with new children which is great.


In Forest Friday this week we made our own bird feeders. We had to use a nail to pierce a hole in different fruits and vegetables and then thread the string through the middle. Once a knot was tied in the string then the children chose a tree that they were to hang them on.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.


Miss Smith :)