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WB 16th January 2017

We have had such an exciting week in FS2! Luke Skywalker delivered us a Storm Trooper clock to look after, as someone was attempting to steal it! We went out for break time on Tuesday and came back to find it had been stolen! We had to investigate and use our detective skills to figure out who it was. We had to crack codes to find out clues and we figured out that it was a teacher in school that had stolen it! We had to take everyone's finger prints and we wrote up who we thought might of stolen it. The suspects ranged from Mrs Faulkner to Charlie, Miss Smith's dog! On Thursday the robber had been back to the classroom and this time had left clues! We figured out that it had to be a girl who had stolen from us and we went round questioning all the female teachers in school. At last, we discovered it was in fact Miss Weston who stole the Storm Trooper. Miss Weston is currently serving time in school prison. 


We enjoyed our first Forest Friday of the term. We went on a 5 sense scavenger hunt. We had to find things that were smooth, rough, smelly etc. We did some great discovering and we also enjoyed making footprints in the frosty grass!


We also had the Swindon Town football guys come in and teach us some fantastic football skills which we all loved! 


I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday!


Miss Smith :)