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WB 15th January 2018

What a great week in year 3. We have been looking at some really tricky bits in both maths and English and I am very proud of everyone for working so hard.


In Maths we have been looking at fractions. We were looking at how to identify a fraction of a discrete object. A discrete object is something that can not be split, for example, you would have 3 CDs but you couldn't have 3.4 CDs. The children did some reasoning around the numerator and the denominator and what they meant and how we work out a fraction. We have also started to look at equivalent fractions towards the end of the week. This is something we will continue next week.


In English we have continued to look at 'The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.'We have learnt what a superlative is and have used some great time adverbials in our sentence stacker this week. My favourite sentence of the week was by Dominic. 'The wolf thought "It's so harsh to eat a neighbour" but the wolf thought "sausages are really, really, really scrummy." He ate the pig.' Well done Dominic.


This week we focused on Science and we are looking at light. We looked at how 7 different colours, when spun together really quickly, create a bright light. We did an experiment to see how many holes were needed in a shoe box to be able to see inside it if it was turned upside down. We couldn't believe how many holes it took for the light to get in.


The children had another great week with both ice skating and working with the Bath Rugby Foundation. I hope you all have a nice weekend!


Miss Smith :)