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WB 13th November 2017

We have had a really tricky week in Year 3. We have made sure that we remember that it's not "I can't do it." We say that "we can't do it yet."


In maths this week, we have been look at long multiplication. We use the grid method to work this out and expand our numbers, for example 26 would be expanded into the tens and ones which would be 20 and 6. We understood how to do the grid method but unfortunately didn't know our times tables well enough, so found it difficult to get the correct answer. Miss Smith says we must make sure we practice these at home.


In English we finished our sentence stacking for our explanation texts and we also had an experience lesson where we had design and present our own brand of robotic dog food to the rest of the class.


Due to it being Anti-Bullying week this week, we have talked a lot about what bullying is and how we can spot it. We also looked at the school's policy for bullying and talked about what we thought of it and if we wanted to add anything. We then created a comic strip to show bullying taking place and what you should do.


In computing this week, we have continued with coding. This week we had to get the parrot to travel around the boxes to the finish line. We were creating our own algorithms and having to use trial and error which we sometimes found frustrating.


I hope you have a good weekend,


Miss Smith :)