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WB 13th March 2017

It has been science week this week and we have had so much fun trying out different experiments! The theme this year was 'Change.' 


We looked at what happened to food when we left it out for a week. Each group had a piece of cut apple, a slice of bread and some jam. The children made some predictions at the beginning of the week such as the food would go rotten and the bread would go stale. There was some great vocabulary being used. The children place their food in a basket and decided whether we would put the food inside or outside. 


After leaving it for a couple of days the children saw that the apples had gone brown. The ones left outside weren't as brown as the one left inside. The class decided this was because it was hotter inside than it was outside. The bread had gone hard because it wasn't wrapped up and the jam stayed the same. We think the jam stayed the same because we learnt that it had lots of sugar in it and sugar helps to make food last longer. We also looked at how to change sand and mud by adding water. It was lovely and messy! We have also planted some seeds to watch the change as they grow so we are very excited to see what happens!


We were very lucky to have some people come in and do a taster session of gymnastics. We learnt about balances and jumps which we all really enjoyed!


Next Wednesday is our Cotswold Wildlife Park trip, I hope you are all very excited!


See you on Monday!

Miss Smith :) 


Our Science Week!

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