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W/B 12th March 2018

This week is such a busy, but fun, week as its both Shakespeare Week and Science Week! We are looking at the play Twelfth Night and the science week theme is exploration and investigation, which we are tying in with our term science topic of living things and their habitats.



Today we read and listened to the story of Twelfth Night and we painted portraits of our favourite characters. We think we did a great job!


In science we investigated animal 'poo', looking at what was in it to see what the animal had eaten and then determine whether the animal was a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore, before trying to work out what the animal could be. It was disgusting but lots of fun!


Today we became T.V news reporters, reporting live from the scene of the shipwreck just off the coast of Illyria.


We created a cartoon strip based on 12th night. 

In science we looked at different minibeasts and their habitats and then went out on a minibeast hunt. 


Today we wrote our version of the letter from Maria and Toby Belch to Malvolio tricking him into wearing yellow stockings. 

In Science we designed our own Super bug, using different parts of Minibeasts. 



We had a fantastic dress up day and completed some drama work based on Twelfth Night. 

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Picture 2