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WB 12th June 2017

We have had another Pirate filled week in FS2! We have been rescuing pirates from ice and even playing on our very own beach! 


We came in to find that some of our pirates and treasure had been frozen in ice by Captain Blackbeard! We had to figure out a way of rescuing them! We had some great ideas like using something heavy to break the ice to pouring hot water on the ice so that it melts! Thankfully everyone was rescued and in one piece!


We made our very own beach in our outdoor area! We got to take our shoes and socks of to have a paddle and feel the sand between our toes! Not everyone has been in it yet but we will all get a chance!


We also found out about merpeople and how they use to trick the sailors! We turned ourselves into merpeople by using a collage of paper on the tail and taking a picture of ourselves and sticking it to the top! They look very realistic!


We have also been doing lots of practice for our class assembly. Miss Smith can't believe how well we already know our lines!


Have a great weekend!

Miss Smith