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Term 2 Week 7 31st - 4th November 2016

We have just had a great start to our new term in Year 2!


The children have designed and built a fantastic castle which will serve as our role play and topic area. They all worked together as a team sharing the resources that were available and they also designed their own castles, drawing them and then labeling their features.


The children have made a great start with their understanding of what a fact file is and how to recognise their features. They have begun to use laptops, I-pads and books all about the Elizabethan and Tudor era to find out information and facts about Queen Elizabeth 1st.

The children will use their research skills and knowledge of what a fact file is and how to create one, to design their own fact file about a super hero next week.


The children have been learning their 2 times tables this week and they have also been learning all about how to multiply using repeated addition and mental methods.

All of the children have made progress with their times tables and their addition and subtraction in maths.


In History the children successfully completed a time-line and family tree for Queen Elizabeth the 1st and they also found out some interesting facts about her family.


Drumming will be resuming next week and also PE.  Please remember to bring in your coats as it is getting a lot colder now and to bring in your reading journals and practise your new spellings which I will be giving out this Monday, for a test on the following Monday.


I hope you all have a relaxing time this weekend and I will see you all on Monday.


Mr. Grabianski