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Stars of the Month

This page will look to celebrate the efforts and achievements of pupils who within their lessons have shown qualities such as leadership, determination, kindness, and always trying their hardest and helping others. This will be looked at over each week, with a ‘star performer’ being named from each year group at the end of that month who will receive a certificate which they can take home, as well as 10 house points, and other such rewards which shall develop throughout the year.



Unicorn Class (FS2): Castor Szyszkowski

Dragon Class (Yr 1): Reuben Boston-Thomas

Phoenix Class (Yr 2): Daniel Chapman

Griffin Class (Yr 3):  Holly Scott

Centaur Class (Yr 4): Emily Blackstock

Spinx Class (Yr 5): Georgie Laing 

Minotaur Class (Yr 6): Freddy Eggett



Unicorn Class: Laila Hambridge

Dragon Class: Isla Wall

Phoenix Class: Mabelle Long

Griffin Class: Connor Yates

Centaur Class: Haruya Kato

Sphinx Class: Zach Naylor

Minotaur Class: Elly Shaw



Unicorn Class: Zachary Millard

Dragon Class: Luke Rawlinson

Phoenix Class: Isabelle Collett

Griffin Class: Poppy Stallard

Centaur Class: Joseph Richardson

Spinx Class: Summer Wolton

Minotaur Class: Jaylarnie Ali



Unicorn Class: Olivia Turner

Dragon Class: Ellie Wallace

Phoenix Class: Charlie Allen

Griffin Class: Benjamin Charlesworth

Centaur Class: Elouise-May Mumford

Sphinx Class: Ellis Phillips

Minotaur Class: Samuel Powell



Unicorn Class: Zachary Davies

Dragon Class: Ellie Charlesworth

Phoenix Class: Evie Wilkinson

Griffin Class: Imogen Radojevich

Centaur Class: Serenna Phillips

Sphinx Class: Madison Law

Minotaur Class: Keisha Norman



Unicorn Class: Lilly Hawkins

Dragon Class: Ashton Osborne-Bennetta

Phoenix Class: Harry Blackstock

Griffin Class: Latisha Harrison

Centaur Class: Archie Morgan

Sphinx Class: Adam Smith

Minotaur Class: Ben Wigley



Unicorn Class:

Dragon Class:

Phoenix Class:

Griffin Class:

Centaur Class:

Sphinx Class:

Minotaur Class: