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This page will be constantly updated through the year providing you with information on the latest news, events, trips, and pictures of the children working hard in their teams and games!


STFC FITC Taster Day                               07/09/2015


The sun came out just in time for us today! What better way to start our school week than a fun-filled day of football skills, games, and drills, from our friend Steve from Swindon Town Football in the Community! Each class were fortunate enough to receive a taster session from Steve which gave them the opportunity to tackle a series of football challenges such as dribbling their way through a maze, penalty shootout, relay trials, target practice, crossbar challenge, and football bowling!


With a fantastic effort from all and some wonderful displays of performance, Steve had the very difficult task of picking ‘Players of the Day’ from each class, so a massive well done to all those who took part and those who gained the lucky title of PoD and receiving the match day programme prizes.


We look forward to working closely with Swindon Town Football in the Community in the coming term, and developing as well-rounded footballers
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Paralympic Visit                                    2nd June 2015


What an amazing and fun filled day! Chiseldon were lucky enough to be visited by 200m Paralympic Sprinter Ben Rushgrove, and take part in a sponsored circuit with the athlete and Sportforschools fantastic ‘Sportivator’ Andy!


Suspense built for the pupils as Ben and Andy arrived at lunchtime and began to set-up the hall for the scintillating circuit. All ready in their kits and raring to get started, each class filtered into the hall with the obstacles that awaited them unveiled. Andy and Ben wasted no time in explaining each station and giving us a demonstration. They explained why each station was important and how it can act to help an athletes’ fitness. We were faced with spotty dogs, mountain climbers, the dreaded push-ups, and star jumps! Starting with year 6, each class took the challenge head on with some amazing performances and high levels of effort from all! As the music played, and we all worked hard, Ben and Andy could not help but comment on how well every single individual had done!


Following the circuit and a little time to recover, the pupils came back into the hall ready for an inspirational assembly from Paralympian Ben. The athlete spoke about his disability and how it had impacted his life, attitude, and training, and how his training philosophy helped him become as successful in his sport as he is. To conclude Ben and Andy spent some time taking some well thought out questions from pupils, and we even had some of our Year 6 pupils read a fantastic narration of Ben’s 2012 London Paralympic 200m race – well done Elouise J and Connor F!


To round up what can only be describe as a fantastic, inspirational, and tiring day, we discovered that as a school we had manage to raise an overwhelming £850! Well done everyone! This money has gone towards improving the provision of sport and PE at Chiseldon through purchasing new equipment that can be used both in lessons and in clubs as well.


Thank you Ben and Andy, and a massive well done to every single pupil for all of your hard work!





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Health Ambassadors Development Day!


Four pupils from year 5 were chosen for their hard work and dedication in PE and their extra-curricular activities, to take part in an exciting event taking place at Next Generation Gym. The day looked to provide them with knowledge and ideas which they can take back to school to use in the formation of a health council! The afternoon began with Joe C, Hannah P, Dan S, and Amy P, working hard and raising their heart rates taking part in a fitness session involving sprints, squats, jumps, and lunges and looking at how this kind of work effects our bodies. Next they moved onto a series of fun ball work games that explored how we can keep ourselves healthy whilst enjoying ourselves, and how we can work this into our everyday lives! We were very lucky to be able to work with lots of different health professionals and fitness experts, even getting to meet a former professional rugby player!


We spent the rest of the afternoon looking at nutrition and other forms of care that are just as important in maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle and how we can provide support in and out of school. The ambassadors then got together as a group and we all discussed how could we bring this back to Chiseldon School and make a difference! All the pupils came up with some fantastic ideas such as fitness clubs, smoothie competition, health assemblies and many many more which we will be looking to put into our school very soon!


A big thank you goes to everyone who helped organise and run the day at Next Generation which proved to be an fun-packed, exciting, and informative afternoon for all those involved!