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Welcome to the FS1 page.


Our class topic for Term 1 will be The Three Little Pigs, which will commence after a brief settling in period.

This is wonderful topic which is jam packed with exciting learning opportunities. Children will participate in a variety of creative and sensory learning experiences:

  • den building with straw, sticks and bricks (blocks)
  • cookery
  • paint mixing
  • colour hunts
  • problem solving
  • science experiments
  • puppet theatre and storytelling


This will be a term full of fun and learning. Please feel free to have a look at the document below which breaks down the topic further and contact me with any questions or suggestions.



****Please Note****


Welly Wednesdays will only start once every child is feeling confident and secure in their new surroundings. In preparation for our first Welly Wednesday session, however, parents are now invited to bring in wellington boots, a change of clothes and water proof coats/trousers/jumpsuits. It is advisable that these stay in school for the duration of the term.


Suncream - 22.5.2017

The warmer weather is fast approaching and we are now asking that you bring in suncream and a sunhat for your child  - these must stay in Nursery. You must apply suncream to your child before they arrive to school, as we will only reapply as and when required throughout the day.


There will be a consent form being sent to all parents/guardians soon. Please complete this form and return as soon as possible to Miss Dance.

**************************************************************************************FS1 Assembly

There will be a short assembly for parents and guardians on the 13.7.2017 from 11.00am to approximately 11.30am. This will be a chance for FS1 to sing a few of their favourite songs and show a few of their best pieces of work.


All Nursery children are welcome, however, the focus will be on the 18 children who are starting Reception in September.

If your child does not usually attend Nursery on the date shown they must be accompanied by an adult and must only be on the school premises for the duration of the assembly.


A letter will be sent out shortly - please complete this and return to Miss Dance as soon as possible.